Michigan’s economy has grown significantly in recent years and companies are hiring more talent as a result. Growth in the insurance industry has made Michigan and Mid-Michigan an “insurance hub”, with even more growth forecasted in the coming years.

February is Careers in Insurance Month, a great time to look into pursuing a career in this essential and impactful industry. The insurance industry is a staple in our economy, employing more than 80,000 individuals statewide. While that’s impressive, new talent is needed to keep the industry moving forward, as nearly 50 percent of the current workforce is expected to retire by 2034.

This aging workforce opens up significant opportunities for Michiganders thinking about future careers. More than one million job openings are forecasted nationally by 2030. And with technology becoming more and more integral to the work done in the insurance industry technology jobs rank 5th among the list of in-demand insurance jobs according to the Insurance Information Institute.

Many people only think of insurance agents when they think of working in insurance. While agents play an important role, the positions in the industry go much further than that. The insurance industry needs a wide variety of talent to run smoothly. Positions range from marketing and sales, actuarial, risk management, customer service, technology, claims, underwriting, operations and more. Roles in the industry pay well too—the national average for insurance jobs is nearly $70,000, which is higher than many other industries.

Do you need experience? Not necessarily. Not every job in the industry require advanced degrees or prior training. Many insurance companies even offer their own specialized training programs for their employees. What you need, though, is a desire to help others.

The insurance industry is built on promises. The peace of mind knowing that your provider will be there when you need help. Insurance provides a safety net so that people can go about their lives and know they are protected if something goes wrong. Whether it’s health insurance,  auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, or even retirement income products, we are proud to be there when people need us. And that’s why working in insurance is so rewarding, as you’re always making a difference in people’s lives

If you’re looking for a job where you can help people and gain new skills, the insurance industry might be the perfect fit. Ready to learn more? Visit http://www.insuremypath.org for information on all the insurance career positions that exist and you can even find specific opportunities that are available in your area. Careers in Insurance Month is the perfect time to think about your future and become a part of the workforce that will keep Michigan growing for decades to come.