Dr. Stephen Hsu, Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies at Michigan State University spoke to the Life Insurance Board of Directors on futurist issues including the impact of artificial intelligence and the insurance industry.

HSU1 (2)

Big Data is a leading issue at national insurance conferences as the availability of data becomes more and more prolific while advances in data analytics gives that data new meaning.  Advances in human genome identification and DNA testing results in strong predictions of the prevalence of certain diseases over the course of a lifetime and it can be identified at starting at birth.


Similar to “good driver” discounts for automobile insurance which is tracked by a device attached to the car.  Certain life insurance products feature health and exercise monitoring.  Dr. Hsu identified easy access by consumers to private DNA testing will also change the market and could increase the risk of fraud.  LIAM is committed to learning more about the role of technology in the insurance industry and the security required to maintain this data.

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